K2 Carve Air Usata x test


K2 Carve Air Usata x test

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The K2 Enjoyers just earned their Masters in Advanced Partyboarding, and the Carve Air is the radical fruit of their labors. Revolutionary Volume Shift™ tech has unlocked surfier maneuverability than previously possible, and our Precision Lifted Baseline™ brings boarders to entirely unprecedented levels of pop. Raising the flat, ride-able surface between tip and tail gives the Carve Air the energy of a camber board without sacrificing the precision and straight tracking achieved with flat camber underfoot. A K2 carbon Ollie Bar™ and edgy tip and tail design are bringing the party – don’t miss it.

  • Features: Precision Lifted Baseline™, Volume Shift™, Tweekend™, Ollie Bar™, Directional Outline, 261mm Waist Width (154cm), 5-7cm shorter than your standard board length

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