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Young riders are pushing it harder than ever these days, and we are stoked to offer a board specifically designed for the next generation of shredders. Now offered in 125cm and 130cm lengths, the 2016 Super Grom has the perfect amount of flex and rebound for both the boat and park. Singleshot sidewalls protect the vertically laminated wood core and subtle tip/tail channels improve the board’s traction for riding finless in the park.

The Super Grom is the answer to all your kids’ questions; it’s sugar free, has been rumored to improve performance in school and will surely have your kid going to bed early

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La tavola di Eiki Helgason...  che dire di più..?


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  7.75″ x 31.5″
Ponte 100% Acero canadese caldo premuto, profondo concavo
Truck 5″ lightweight in raw finish with black base plate and 95A cushions
Ruota 53mm 99A con stampa
Cuscinetto ABEC – 7 Chrome
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The K2 Enjoyers just earned their Masters in Advanced Partyboarding, and the Carve Air is the radical fruit of their labors. Revolutionary Volume Shift™ tech has unlocked surfier maneuverability than previously possible, and our Precision Lifted Baseline™ brings boarders to entirely unprecedented levels of pop. Raising the flat, ride-able surface between tip and tail gives the Carve Air the energy of a camber board without sacrificing the precision and straight tracking achieved with flat camber underfoot. A K2 carbon Ollie Bar™ and edgy tip and tail design are bringing the party – don’t miss it.

  • Features: Precision Lifted Baseline™, Volume Shift™, Tweekend™, Ollie Bar™, Directional Outline, 261mm Waist Width (154cm), 5-7cm shorter than your standard board length
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The Cinch TS is a versatile, all-mountain binding revamped with new K2 Cinch™ technology, which means fast and easy operation so you can beat your buddies to the stash. Cinch™ straps add ease-of-use to the natural flex and mobility of our Tripod™ chassis. Check out the Cinch TX to attack the alpine, or the Cinch TS for all-around resort performance and fun.

  • Strap System: Cinch
  • Highback: Regular
  • Riding Style: Outsiders
  • Features: Tripod™ Chassis, Cinch™ Technology, Canted Footbed
  • Color: Blue, Canyon, Black


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The K2 Turbo Dream is your powder-stomping quiver-of-one with smooth Tweekend™ tip and tail rounding out our all-terrain rocker to deliver more ride-able surface area, better float, and smoother predictability. Optimized to match K2’s industry-leading Baseline™ technology, we’ve built an all-new carbon web into the wood core, improving torsional grip and ollie pop. Add a tip to tail Honeykomb™ wood core for bonding strength and lightweight durability and you’re ready to rock. What are you waiting for?

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Built up from a versatile, twin rocker Freestyle Baseline™, the K2 WWW is your best tool for jibbing the streets, parks, and features found ‘round the resort. The most playful board in our men’s collection, the WWW has a unique JibTip™ shape that provides more edge contact and lower swing weight. When paired with the smooth predictability of Tweekend™ rocker tips, this deck will follow you and your wily freestylin’ into any terrain.

  • Features: Freestyle Baseline™, Tweekend™, Jibtip™, True Twin Outline, Centered Stance, 249mm Waist Width (152cm)
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Kit  con 4  lacci e 4 fermalacci. Per tutti boots.


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The true twin Warlock features a new shape, Original Rocker Camber Profile, new flex pattern, and incredible park performance. The new Warlock production technique has this board looking wicked. The best characteristics of the Evo and Proto HD were stolen, and additional carbon was added outside the bindings to provide insane lift off and perfect landings. Soft flex between the feet and torsionally rigid nose and tail make for pinpoint turning and amazing pressability. Add to that the Warlock’s playful, forgiving feel and the result is freestyle wizardry.

WARLOCK X: A wide version of the original



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Board Type: Directional Twin
Riding Type: Park, Freestyle
Flex: Centered Medium flex, Rates 6 on flex scale
Camber: Cam Rock
Sidecut Info: Radial
Core Info: Power Tech Core
Fiberglass: Stitched Bi-Axial Laminate
Base: Extruded 1500 TT Base, Printed
Core Features: Single Carbon Taping from Tip to Tail,
Single Kevlar Taping from Tip to Tail
Core Features: PRO Edge

Between the bindings is traditional camber while the tip and tail contain rocker cambers. The raised tip and tail help float the board in powder and reduce the chances of edge catch, but with the benefit of the traditional camber pop beneficial with ollies and while powering out of turns.


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  • Size: 29" x 7.5"
  • Deck: 9-ply Chinese Maple with a low concave
  • Wheel: 50 x 30mm White PUI 92A with Print
  • Truck: Heavy Duty with raw finish hanger and base plate
  • Bearing: ABEC 9


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K2 Backside Float 30 Black

Focusing on designing a pack that makes touring in the backcountry more enjoyable, the K2 Backside team emphasized efficient carrying and organization of the most common backcountry necessities, as well as a comfortable fit. 

Additionally, a main goal was to keep all of the features needed during a backcountry tour while eliminating all excess straps, clips and buckles. 

The result is a clean, comfortable pack that easily fits your gear with the volume used efficiently to keep all the weight as close to your back as possible. 



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    Twin Tip




    Rocker Flat

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Straight Line

Handle with EVA Grip and 6061 High Strength Aluminium Bar.
Static Line (50'+5'+5'+5' handle).

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LUNGO: 30" pollici.
LARGA: 9,8" pollici.
COSTRUZIONE: 7 strati 100% acero canadese.
RUOTE: Creek 70mm 78a.
CUSCINETTI:Abec 9 con gabbia in Nylon e scudo in gomma.

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